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Bubbling Spring Tai Chi offers classes in traditional
Tai Chi Ch’uan as well as in Tai Chi Fundamentals
(a research based adapted form of Tai Chi).
Classes are available in Alamance County, North Carolina.



Dedicated to providing the opportunity for people of all abilities to live more balanced and peaceful lives.

Philosophy and Name 

The name, “Bubbling Spring” from the Chinese 湧泉 “yong quan” refers to an energy point on the sole of the foot. It is an important point of balancing and connecting or rooting to the earth. This name reflects the emphasis on preserving foundational principles in the art of Tai Chi Ch’uan. It also connotes the sense of energetic revitalization that is possible through the art.

I want to make tai chi accessible to people of any fitness level. At the same time, it is very important to me to preserve and teach the original principles of the art that were imparted to me by my teacher, the late Master Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo as well as other teachers in the Cheng Man Ching lineage who have influenced my development including Maggie Newman, Frank Wong, Lenzie Williams, Tricia Yu and Kim Kanzelberger.